Thursday, November 7, 2014 | 4:55PM | 6 pounds 7 ounces | 19.5 inches

Though you were due on November 13th, you must have been eager to get out into the world a few days early! After two nights of on-and-off contractions, I was pretty sure you were on your way by the morning of November 7th. Dad and I decided it was time to go into the hospital at around 9:00 AM.


We packed up the car and checked into Unity Hospital at around 10:30 AM. The nurses monitored us for a while, and the Dr. almost send us home. I had been sick a few times that morning, once at home and once at the hospital, so our nurse was convinced this was the real deal and we should stick around a bit more. After about an hour, we had enough progression to be admitted into our own room at around 1:00 PM. After a fairly smooth delivery, you were born at 4:55 PM. I remember saying “Hi, Sweetheart” as they placed you on my chest for the first time. It was unreal. You weighted a healthy 6 lbs 7 oz, measured 19.5 in long, and you were so beautiful– you looked just like your dad, with your dark brown hair and slender build. You had long fingers and toes and these gorgeous dark slate blue eyes. You had the softest skin and fuzziest hair we’ve ever touched.

I was told it was a cool day outside on your birthday, 58° F with a little rain on and off.

{ Megan }


I’m a cleaning machine! Nesting mode is in full swing. Bag is packed, list is made and I’ve frozen several meals for us for when baby comes.

We assembled the stroller. Each had baby showers at work – our coworkers are so incredibly thoughtful!

Starting to be really tired and waddly by night. Sore feet. Baby kicks much harder. Pressure in the lower abdomen which leads me to assume baby has dropped.

We chose a first name finally, and have 3 contenders for middle name.

I can’t help but laugh any time I look into a mirror. I look (and feel) like I swallowed a beach ball.


href="http://www.megmakes.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/IMG_20131005_174517-1.jpg">IMG_20131005_174517 (1)

{ Megan }


Getting out of strenuous and or “hazardous” tasks (like scooping kitty litter, heavy lifting, walking up stairs, or standing for long periods of time).

You can pig out without being judged. Hey, you’re eating for 2 now, right? Even if one of you weighs less than a pound. It still totally justifies the 2nd bowl of ice cream. Well at least in my mind.

You get fingernails of steel!

You begin to appreciate the little things in life, like how awesome it is not to throw up from brushing your teeth.

You can wear your fat clothes without feeling guilty. )

You moonlight as the Nesting Nazi, and develop cleaning and organizational skills you never knew you had.

Your pets never want to be away from you.

You can blame your everyday stupidity on “pregnancy brain”.

You can openly cry during a Full House “dad talk”, and chalk it up to hormones instead of looking like a total cheeseball.

Eveyone asks how you’re feeling and is super sympathetic and helpful. Especially the moms and dads who have new youngins.

Special parking privileges! I’ve been waiting so long to look big enough to use these!

{ Megan }

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