Ellie was born on Thursday, November 7th at 4:55pm. Weighing 6lbs 7oz and 19.5 inches long.

{ Megan }


Getting out of strenuous and or “hazardous” tasks (like scooping kitty litter, heavy lifting, walking up stairs, or standing for long periods of time).

You can pig out without being judged. Hey, you’re eating for 2 now, right? Even if one of you weighs less than a pound. It still totally justifies the 2nd bowl of ice cream. Well at least in my mind.

You get fingernails of steel!

You begin to appreciate the little things in life, like how awesome it is not to throw up from brushing your teeth.

You can wear your fat clothes without feeling guilty. )

You moonlight as the Nesting Nazi, and develop cleaning and organizational skills you never knew you had.

Your pets never want to be away from you.

You can blame your everyday stupidity on “pregnancy brain”.

You can openly cry during a Full House “dad talk”, and chalk it up to hormones instead of looking like a total cheeseball.

Eveyone asks how you’re feeling and is super sympathetic and helpful. Especially the moms and dads who have new youngins.

Special parking privileges! I’ve been waiting so long to look big enough to use these!

{ Megan }


Felt babes first definite kicks this week! In previous weeks, it was much more like a flutter or bubbles… always was unsure if it was gas vs baby.  Now it’s definite kicks or punches or at least movement.  I can even feel it from outside! It’s weird but so cool!

This week I also realized that my jeans no longer fit comfortably… something i’ve been dreading for a while. I made my first serious trip out maternity shopping. It was kind of a bust but I got a better idea of what I want/need.

We have a pretty solid plan for the nursery now. We decided on the DwellStudio bedding “rosette blossom”, which has a modern floral pattern in pinks, coral, yellow and beige. I’m envisioning a very clean and modern design using the palette from the bedding and lots of white. It’ll still be plenty girly though.  I’m hoping to include some diy elements to keep the cost down too… I’m so excited!

{ Megan }

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